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A 10 Week Summary of Modules for your Business Success 


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10 Week Business Fundamentals Program

In this summary Program, the fundamental modules are Business Modeling, Team Building, Organisational Development and Innovation. These modules can be further expanded on into extended programs after the 10 week program if your team chooses that it is an effective and worth while process.


Business Modelling

Team Building

Organisational Development


Business Model Dynamics: For Companies Looking for Change
The initial step is looking at the current business model and creating a transparency to the benefits and drawbacks. What are the underlying premises to the model in the experience of its team. What is the bandwidth to potential change and how are the boundaries defined. What are the inherent risks in not adapting the current model.
Change Management
Creating confidence in the team and making choices to explore change is not easy. Trust and comfort in our capabilities to learn and bring in expertise is fundamental to the conversation. We aim to foster this path with an outside approach that recognises your teams abilities and helps them grow.
Training Team
The training is led by experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs with an educational and facilitating mindset. We will work with you to pair our teams diverse range of skill sets to your current challenges.
Pricing models are based on your business and on the number of participants, discussed with an open mind to your companies goals and budget restrictions. We look at the end game first and then work our way back to the starting line with your best interests at heart. Our success at helping you achieve our goals is what makes us valuable and therefore is our highest interest.


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